Fun(d) Raising

A friend of mine told me about getting a call from some GOP fundraiser. His response was that he would be contributing to individual candidates that reflect his conservative values. That makes sense to me, though supporting a few select conservative candidates (and subscribing to National Review) seems to have put my name on the 'sucker' list for Republicans of all stripes. My mailbox (both types) are overflowing with requests.

Here's the concerning bit. In all likelihood the Republicans are misreading the Obama backlash as a 'pro-Republican' wave. It's not. It is an anti-business-as-usual wave. The people aren't fed up with Democrats so much as they are of incumbents. The foolish Dems thought they were getting "new politics" and a whole host of folks who would normally vote Republican voted for Obama because they fell for the "change" mantra. They really just got more of the "failed policies of the past" ... Woodrow Wilson's policies. I guess everything old is new again.

Anyway, I've decided to have some fun with my solicitors. Every piece of crap mail I get at my house is being returned with some honest, grassroots, conservative feedback.

I got the above from my friends at the NRSC. I'm mailing it back to them as marked.