A Cowboy Poet

My Uncle Ed passed away on July 12, 2009. I'm stealing these photos and comments from a couple of my sisters. I just wanted to share them, especially with my Panhandle friends.

According to Christina, this is Uncle Ed on his horse 'Red'. Seems like the Turner boys always had short, simple names for their horses ... Doc and Frank and Hollywood and Blondie (a palomino, of course). Uncle Ed said Red would jump in the back of a pickup bed while he was riding him. I don't doubt it.

More from Christina:

Mom went to the service today in Alanreed. Ed had told someone he didn't understand all the hype about cowboy poets, and he could write a cowboy poem too. So he scratched this one out on the back of an envelope...

I would like to tell a story before I leave this world.
It's not about Texas; it's not about a girl.

It's not about the places I've been or what I've seen.

It's something about cowboys, and what cowboys dream.
They like to dream about a pony that someday they're gonna own.

He might be a bay, or a little bald-faced roan.

You can bet he'll be a dandy and he'll be a handy too.

The kind the ladies love-
The punchers will like him true.
He'll be an easy keeper and safe to be around.

Rounding up a pasture or rodeo-ing in town.

He'll never cause you trouble

He'll just bring you bliss.

Come to think about it folks

I've owned two or three like this.

And I'm still dreaming.

"Little" Ed Turner

Amos Ed Turner, Jr.


  1. When I visited Uncle Ed at a nursing home last fall, he asked me a question that has made me think and that reminds me why I loved him so much. "Have I ever been mean to you?" he asked. "If I was mean to you, then I'm sorry."Quite the contrary, Uncle Ed, I told him. He, along with my Uncle Ivan, were the only two of my father's brothers who were nice to me. God Bless Uncle Ed.

  2. I always liked Uncle Ed. He seemed real comfortable with himself and he treated me like a person, instead of a stupid kid. All of the other, except maybe Ivan, were constantly correcting me and pointing out my mistakes. Ed just let it be and seemed to avoid or ignore all the family drama. God Bless him, indeed. He was a good man.