Texas politics & head rattling

The "just talking to hear your head rattle"* line that my Dad often used had various meanings. Sometimes it meant that the case had been overstated, much like Shakespeare's lady that protests too much . Sometimes it simply meant that the comment served no purpose, the sin of wasted effort. Most often it meant that the comment had no value because it was repetitious, extraneous or nonsensical.

The point of bringing this up is to state my intention to keep this blog from being just another head rattle. Just remember, intentions are not guarantees.

I'm also going to take an opportunity to point you to a political debate that, believe it or not, had no rattling that I could hear.

I don't live in Midland, or in Texas House district 82 for that matter, but a high school classmate of mine, Bill Dingus , is running for State Representative out there, and I spent a little time watching the online replay of his debate with Texas Speaker of the House Tom Craddick. I was impressed with both candidates, though I have to admit I could still see some smart-assery from Bill that I remembered from dear old Pampa High School, and which I still admire.

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't seen or talked to Bill in at least 20 years, so it's not like we are close pals. I just heard about the race in the news because Bill's name caught my eye and because Speaker Craddick is, shall we say, "newsworthy". I also have to admit that yes, I was one of those people "outside the district" that was discussed in the debate who contributed to Bill's campaign. I know, I know ... he's a Democrat, but what can I say? I believe his slogan that he's "One of the Good Guys."

I was a little concerned about the "change" theme I heard from Bill in the debate. I thought he might be trying to tag along with the Obama mantra, or that the main reason for needing change was simply because Mr. Craddick had been there too long. That's more valid than the Obama thing because politicians in the same office for such a long time tend to get entrenched and obligated (not to mention a pension in excess of $100K per year and $1,000 toilets), but it could be seen simply as change for change sake, which is not always the right thing to do.

But here's the difference maker for me. Obama talks about "fundamental change", but his version undermines American values ... he wants to "spread the wealth" and give labor unions the right to intimidate which I don't believe reflect our values. He says, essentially, that we, meaning our values and moral premises, are broken and need to be fixed. I don't believe that.

Bill, on the other hand, is seeking change that restores American values ... that says we can do better like electing representatives that are responsible to their constituents instead of special interests , and voting out representatives that don't reflect democratic ideals.

If only I could vote in the District 82 election ... anyone know of an ACORN office in Midland?

The opinions expressed here are my own.

* The Joe Biden bobble-head doll ... I hope they remember to make the head rattle.

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