What in the Hell???

My Dad, B.A., would often turn a corner, look at me with surprise on his face, and simply say:

What in the hell???

It might be because I had the lawnmower apart, or perhaps I would be blowing up red ants with Black Cats, but no matter the situation, I knew what he meant. He meant 'What do you think you are doing and why would you even consider doing it?'.

My answer, as I got older and bolder was always:


Reading this blog, you may have already asked yourself his question. And I've already given my real answer, but I suppose, in this context, I should offer some sort of reason or purpose or explanation.

My parents, like all parents, provided me with a set of tools for surviving in this world that range from genetic intellectual capacity to a unique weltanschauung* built from the opportunities and experiences they provided, as well as their counsel and correction. Typically, my Dad would provide the counsel and my Mother would provide the correction. They did, however, agree on one thing:

That boy will argue with a fencepost.

My intent is not simply to argue here, but it's become apparent that I need some outlet for the things I want to say (I've always been a sucker for peer pressure) and metaphorically an internet blog is a Texas panhandle fencepost. I could do as my Dad constantly advised whenever I complained about anything ...

Put your head in a bucket and holler real loud.

... but where's the fun in that? It was much more fun when Dad would pick up a Black Cat, light it and say:

Oh, what the hell.

* No, I didn't make that word up. Honestly, I read it somewhere. It means "world view". I've been looking for years for a way to work it into something. Man, I am so glad to be done with THAT.


  1. I've never known you to bend to peer pressure! But it's about time you started a blog... ;-)

  2. This sounds very familiar (speaking as one who was said to be able to argue with a fence post frequently).

    Maybe it's just our common hometown.

    Enjoyable prose -- keep it up.